Preparing your credit for a future house purchase

Whether it’s spending a lazy Sunday soaking up the sun at Barton Springs or hitting up brunch at local favorite Snooze, Melissa made Austin her home over 10 yearsfalse


What counts as a good credit score?

Your credit score is a number between 300 and 850 calculated from information that’s on your credit report, including things like your payment history, how muchfalse


How do I build credit while I'm in college?

During college, you've got a lot on your plate. Managing your finances probably isn't something you have much time for – but with a few simple strategies, you canfalse


What are tradelines, and how do they impact my credit score?

A "tradeline" refers to any open account that shows up on your credit report. Adding a new tradeline with positive information is one of the most underrated waysfalse


What red flags do lenders look for on my credit report?

When you apply for new credit, such as auto financing, a credit card, a mortgage, or even to rent a new apartment, lenders and landlords will take a look at yourfalse


Should I freeze my credit?

In order to keep unwanted new accounts from being opened in your name without your consent, you can consider freezing your credit report. (This is different fromfalse


How do I negotiate with collections agencies?

While having an account in collections is challenging, the good news is that most debt collection agencies are willing to work out deals to help you clean up yourfalse


How can I tell if I've been the victim of identity theft?

Identity theft is something you may think won’t happen to you. It’s a problem for people who aren’t careful with their passwords and don’t shred documents, right?false


What should I do to prepare before getting a car loan?

Buying a car with financing is one of the perks of having a good credit score, but trying to figure out the best option can feel like a bit of a nightmare. Butfalse


What's the difference between a hard and a soft credit inquiry?

Credit inquiries happen whenever a potential lender, creditor or individual (even you!) accesses your credit report. There are two types of credit inquiries,false


How can I rent an apartment if I don't have any credit history?

When it comes to renting an apartment, your credit score matters. In fact, according to a report by TransUnion, nearly half of all landlords use credit checks tofalse


I messed up. How can I get negative information off my credit report?

As you know, negative information on your credit report, especially late or missed payments and more extreme issues like accounts in collections and bankruptcies,false


What doesn’t affect my credit score?

Working on your credit score is a great goal - after all, a strong score opens tons of financial doors for you. Before you set out to raise your credit score,false


What affects my credit score?

Your credit score looks simple on the surface; it’s just a 3-digit number between 350 and 800. Behind your credit score, however, is a sophisticated formula thatfalse


What is rent reporting, and how can it help my credit score?

No matter how old you are, building and maintaining a strong credit score can be tricky. But as you know, it’s well worth it, because a good score (700 or better)false


How much does one late payment impact my credit?

If you’re worried about how one late payment may affect your credit score, chances are you’re pretty careful about paying your bills on time. But mistakes happenfalse


How do I dispute errors on my credit report?

You know how important your credit score is to being able to get credit cards, loans and even hired for a job or to qualify for good rates on insurance premiums.false


How can I boost my credit score?

Creating a positive credit history is essential. A poor credit rating can make it harder to do the things you want to do in life, like open a new credit cardfalse


Credit 101: What do I need to know about credit?

If you’re just starting out, you may not have a credit history because you don’t have any credit cards, loans or bills in your name. Or it’s possible you have afalse